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Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge comes to Slidell!!!

Join the Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge! DECEMBER 3rd in Slidell!!! 


The Bariatric Guru™ Announces the Team for the Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge Conference Series!

MobileAL- Erin and Ben Akey and the entire Bariatric Guru™ Team are excited to announce the speakers for their upcoming nationwide conference series, The Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge.  Over the next twelve months, this series will be presented at twenty-five to thirty bariatric centers throughout the country and is sponsored by Bariatric Advantage.

The Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge is a motivating, inspiring, and lively educational program for post-operative bariatric patients. It’s an eight-hour educational seminar focusing on the lifestyle challenges and changes following bariatric surgery. The Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge educates, encourages, and motivates participants toward permanent lifestyle change and success.

The conference will feature both live and interactive video presentations by several leaders in the bariatric community.  Each attendee will leave feeling motivated, refocused, and inspired to move forward no matter where they are along their weight loss journey.
   Erin Akey- “The Bariatric Guru,” Host of “Fit Living” radio show which airs on Sundays from noon-1p.m. central on FM TALK 106.5 out of MobileAL and streams live online all over the world. Erin has used her post-op life to become a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, Certified Water Fitness Instructor, and also a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.  Erin is the founder and hostess of the Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge and will lead several sessions

    Ben Akey- “The Guru Chef,” Ben is the Co-founder of the Bariatric Guru and also the Director of Programming and Marketing.  Through his experiences as the support person of a bariatric patient and his fifteen years experience in the medical community, Ben has developed Support from the Kitchen and will lead this session. Ben is also the producer of the “Fit Living” radio show.

    Antonia Namnath- Founder and CEO of the WLSFA (Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America).  Antonia is a WLS patient who took her passion and created an amazing charity that helps those who do not have the luxury of insurance coverage for WLS or the funds to pay out- of- pocket.  The WLSFA grants the life-saving gift of WLS to those who truly need it.  Antonia will introduce this great organization during the session on Paying it Forward which is all about learning to give back to our community.  The WLSFA is the primary charity of the Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge.

  Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.- Dr. Stapleton is a licensed psychologist who works extensively in the field of bariatrics.  Dr. Stapleton speaks nationally and internationally about recovering from obesity.  She is the author of Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery and Get the Weight Off? Or Keep It Off.   Connie is the “Doc” in Post Op and a Doc.  Connie will lead the interactive video session on Mind/Body Synchronization and dealing with food addiction, relationship issues, and body image.  She will also be offering a CEU program to go along with the conference for healthcare professionals.

  Cari De La Cruz- The “Post-Op” in Post-Op and a Doc, motivational speaker, and ardent obesity awareness advocate.  Cari is the author of the popular blog Bariatric Afterlife™ and uses her humor and passion to help others achieve success and freedom from their food addictions.  Along with Dr. Stapleton, Cari will lead the interactive video session on Mind/Body Synchronization and dealing with food addictions.

  Dr Jacqueline Jacques – Dr. Jacques is the Chief Science Officer of Bariatric Advantage, a company dedicated to providing the best in nutrition, education and services to bariatric professionals and patients.  She has spent the past decade of her life working solely in the area of bariatric nutrition.  She is also author of the book Micronutrition for the Weight Loss Surgery Patient available through Matrix Medical Communications. She will lead the video segment on the importance of supplementation for post-op bariatric patients.

Erin is excited about this great line-up and the value each member brings with their own unique perspective and expertise. “I am so excited to have all of these wonderful people involved in the Challenge series.  I consider it a blessing to be associated with each of them and know the attendees are going to be enriched by what each brings to the table.  They cover a wide range of topics.  The events are going to be fun and you will have different speakers from the group live at each event along with me and Ben,” says Akey.

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