Monday, June 4, 2012

Drama is so passé...

Arrogance is a fuel that feeds a nasty fire.  We are all vulnerable creatures, we all have feelings, and we all make mistakes. It shouldn't be about measuring up to others, but setting the standard for yourself. Some will choose an unhealthy standard that will be shared and spread like wild fire. Some will gain an understanding that their words are hurtful to others, and realize that their impact has viral, negative effects on others. Sensor what you share with the world.

The one thing I have to constantly be concerned about in the mental health profession is my professional liability. If you choose to have a YouTube Channel and share your experience, consider how healthy your message is and how it will influence others. Be responsible about what you say. Don't hate. Don't perpetuate negativity. Don't call people names.

If you read through my blog, you will understand that I have no financial investments in putting myself out there on the internet. I respect those who are honest about their intentions. I respect those who share information with others to help them in a positive way. I respect that each and every one of us has freedom of speech, BUT with FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILITY.

To those of you who find this vlog and want the help I offer, please email me at  I can not practice outside of the state of Louisiana, but I will find a local professional in your area who has experience with the bariatric community and understands the impact of obesity, can provide size acceptance and motivation to help you find the change you need.

You don't deserve to be bullied by your peers. You don't deserve to hear negative messages (especially not from strangers.) You do deserve to be accepted where you are and understood by those whom you choose to share your journey. What you are willing to change and how you go about changing it is up to you. Don't subscribe to unrealistic standards, ideals and misinterpretations of healthy living. Your balance is not my balance and everyone's balance will eventually be adjusted, changed and rethought throughout our journey. Be realistic, mindful and considerate of other's individual journey, their place in this world and the opportunity you have to be a positive force without hurting them.

We've all experienced a lot of hurt having been an obese people. I do not know one obese or formally obese person who was never called a name. There is a girl from high school who nicknamed me "Jambalaya" which was hurtful to me at the time, but ya know what, she's a friend on Facebook now and I don't judge her for being a bullying teenager because I'd like to believe she's grown out of that type of behavior. I don't know for sure, but I would never confront her on this because it's been 20 years, and I'm better than that. I'm over it. I find it amusing now.

What I don't find amusing is Hatred, Bullying, Name Calling, and directed Negativity toward your peers (or anyone, for that matter.) It serves no purpose, it makes people feel like crap, and it causes drama. Don't we all have issues we could identify we need to work on rather than creating new ones for others?

I'm off my soapbox. I'm done with these issues.
Please, people. Be Socially Responsible, Be Genuine, and Understand your Influence and Impact. Or get off the internet and get a life.

And learn how to spell something if you supposedly have a degree in it.


  1. Great message Nanette. Just found your blog and look forward to going back and reading more. 4 year post op DS'r down 175 lbs. Winelover215 on YT ... Just sent a FR on FB to catch ya there as well. Tom

  2. Was intrigued by your vblog! I agree with you but also feel that certain biases can color the efficacy of counseling. For example, someone who provides gastric bypass who says the lap band doesn't work etc (Congrats on your weight loss!! I find it interesting that everyone keeping off their weight does exactly what I'm doing - counting calories or points and exercising... I lost 110 lbs and have kept it off since March 2010 - Weight Watchers only - no surgery).