Sunday, August 25, 2013

23 Self-Regulation Executive Functions of Obesity Prevention

#1 We perceive ourselves to be successful at weight loss and maintenance and we exercise within our current limitations daily.

#2 We initiate positive behavior modifications in our lifestyles by choosing healthy foods and activities to engage in.

#3  We exert control over exert outside influences that could deter progress by modulating exposure to environments that are unhealthy.

#4  Wehonestly gauge our successesby rewarding ourselves with a feeling of satisfaction in our good behaviors, not with food as a reward.

#5 We focus on solutions to problem behaviors and select what we are ready to commit to fully.

#6 We sustain from engaging in negative behaviors and thought patterns that will disrupt our progress.  We listen to the advice of our doctors and develop a plan that works. 

#7 We stop ourselves when we find our thoughts drifting toward a poor choice, thus interrupting the behavior pattern by relying on our support systems. We don't "cheat" ourselves out of good health by making bad choices.

#8 We have become more flexible in ourability to ignore what is not good for us and shift our concerns on activitiesand experiences that will benefit our overall mood.  We do not allow food to dictate our mood.

#9 We avoid substances and/or situations that lower inhibitions nd gain confidence in our ability to control ourselves.

#10 We hold on to the principles established for our health and wellness, execute our prescribed dietary guidelines in a way we can enjoy food but not overdo it.

#11 We do not let others manipulate our values in quality and quantity.  We do not feel the need to finish anything for the satisfaction of a clean plate.

#12 We organize our lives with priority to our healthy principles, and we are not oppose to refocusing events off of food and onto physical activity.

#13 We foresee our bodies and minds becoming healthier, daily. We know what we look like as a healthy person, we see health in our future and do not obsess over what we can not control today. 

#14 We generate positive energy and attitudes everywhere we go and leave our judgment of what works for others to them.

#15 We associate our successes in the confidence we have in doing what we know is right for ourselves and accept the limitations of which we cannot control.  

#16 We balance our lives with our lifestyle choices. If it means taking your lunch everywhere you go, then let that be your signature behavior pattern.  There is nothing wrong with behaving differently than those around you.

#17 We store our gratitude in our hearts and continue to work toward our individual goals.  We share what works for us, but respect that our way is not the only way.  Find your way.

#18 We retrieve the knowledge we need and seek help from others when we know something is not right in our mind and body.

#19  We pace ourselves and have patience with attaining goals and being successful.  

#20 We manage time wisely, always.

#21 We execute our mission to become healthier by setting smart goals each day.

#22 We monitor our success in a manner that works for us. We recognize behaviors that have a negative impact on us. (For some, the scale is negative reinforcer.  Have confidence in what you're doing without the scale. If you feel guilt for eating something, you need to choose not to eat that because you do not want to feel guilt.)

#23 We correct unsatisfactory thoughts and behaviors with appropriate actions.

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