Friday, May 17, 2013

Bullying in the Bariatric Community

Some might say that after my snarky posts about the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, that I wouldn't care to be there this weekend to Meet and Greet with so many of the wonderful, honest and supportive, lovely people I know there enjoying themselves.

Quiet frankly, I wholeheartedly support the social bonding that goes on in the organizations that exist for weight loss surgery patients and I continue to support the communities people have established to raise awareness of the obesity issues.  I especially want to send out a shout out to all of you there.

However, I want you all to remember to act nice, be pleasant to one another, and remember that we each have our own story.  Treat others with respect, kindness, and act like responsible adults.  Take care of yourself, first and foremost.  If you choose to imbibe, please limit your libations.  You are a grown person, and you need to act like it.  Please do not bully others, take part in the bullying, or let someone else be bullied.

 Size of your ego matters.  The words of truth matter.  Being a good person and act out of compassion of other's struggles:


Being a "Bad Girl" does not mean doing bad things.  It means finding yourself, being open to other ideas, going outside of your personal beliefs and cultural norms to except other human beings' experiences.  Practice humility.  Have patience.  Let LOVE guide your actions. Take pride in behaving like a lady, cursing like a sailor, swinging your chickens like a Voodoo Queen, 

(Well, maybe Elvis, y'all are in Vegas-- Swing yo' batwings like a Diva!)

ALL IN ALL, my best advice to each of you is:

And if someone isn't playing nice, just tell them to go "Go have a Cupcake!"

 Peace be with each and all of you.  Save travels, good fun, and Be Sweet.

Being a Bad Girl means to change how you think, look inside to find peace within. 

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