Saturday, June 22, 2013

Play with your Food!

Try breakfast or snacks differently with this recipe. I left it in the oven overnight, and it was fruit crisps at first, then I brushed the top with water a few times over the course of an hour and let go 2 - 3 hours longer.


Tasty, slows you down to eat it, let it melt in your mouth. Peach leather for breakfast... I know, it sounds totally weird. But who wants to be normal?

2 c. strawberries, hulled and diced

2 c. peaches, cored and diced

sweetener, varies by fruit sweetness and taste

1 T. lemon

1 T. lime

2 scoops unflavored protein

Blend strawberries, lime, sweetner and 1 scoop of protein. Spread evenly (about 1/2" thick) on a silpat or wax paper.

Blend peaches, lemon juice, and 1 scoop of protein. Spread evenly on a silpat or wax paper.

I combined both fruits on the same baking tray lined with wax paper.

Place in oven for 12 hours at 170 degrees. Peel paper away from fruit leather, roll up, and enjoy! Makes about 12 servings, 33 calories per serving, appx.

Later... I roughly did the math on this and it was about 35 calories per 2" x 6" slice, but it would certainly depend on what kind of sweetener you want to add. I added 1 T. of agave syrup, but you could use splenda or stevia. Taste and texture will vary by sweetener choice. I may or may not have put vanilla extract in it. When I cook, I cook like Justin Wilson... my genes are to my detriment, sometimes! But God, I miss that man cooking on the PBS on a Saturday morning!!!

Little know fact, I am related to him. It's some strange story about how he's actually related to us on both sides (by married on my mom's side and by cousin to my grandpa on my dad's side), but I never paid enough attention know the whole story. What I know now it that genetics that impacts our metabolism and environment that influences our ability to choose what is essentially good for us. Redefine what "good food" is in your life. It's stuff like this that slows you down when you eat - the fruit leather, beef jerk, enjoy every bite as if it were your last.  It might be, if you pay attention to your gut as you should.

And there's always healthy Gumbo from MamPapaul's Cajun Creole Dinner Mixes (avoid the cake mixes-- even though they are good, just take my word on it.) Double family plug there, entertained you with YouTube and did a little family business marketing.  (Aren't those both things I say I don't do here?  I'll make an exception today!)

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  Go forth, and love people, make them tasty food.

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